(+44) 1948 666871
(+44) 1948 666871

Established 1997

Television Production.

Many of Broadcast projects vary greatly on subject matter and duration - from short 30 second television adverts, two hour duration programs covering unique events, documentaries through to producing a full television series.

Subject matters have ranged from television adverts promoting a national shoe range, filming a documentary on the various cultures in Brixton market for French television to producing a program on a 24 hours motor sport event from Wembley Stadium - broadcast to 34 countries across Europe.

We have experience dealing a lot of the most popular TV stations and our professional crew looks after all stages of production from planning through to the final post production stages.

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Aspect ratio
Most TV channels broadcast in widescreen format (16:9), however some satellite channels still use standard aspect ratio (4:3)-
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DVD production
We can author your TV project onto DVD (Standard definition and Blu-Ray) for archive or resale purposes.
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Overseas projects
We can cover events in other countries and previously have been involved in shoots in France, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

Program Running Times
These very depending on the final channels used for broadcast.

Example - (allowing for advertising) a half hour program on a satellite channel can be say 24 minutes in length, whereas on a terrestrial channel it can be 25 minutes.
If a program is intended for multiple channels it may therefore require more than one edit.

TV Advertising.
We produce television adverts to promote products / services and handle the complete service, from development of the initial concept though to full production, certification by the BACC and delivery of the tape / format to the required channel(s).

This approval and certification can normally take up to 2 weeks (seasonally variant) so clients should allow adequate time in the production schedule process for this. See formats >>

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