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DVD Formats

There is often a lot of confusion with the different DVD media formats that are available.

Questions often raised include:-

What does DVD minus mean ? ........How does it differ from DVD plus?

What is a DVD5? it similar to DVD9?

Why doesn't the DVD I duplicated play back in my colleagues machine?

What type of disc should I use? ........does it really matter anyway?

Understanding the differences in types of disc is important, especially for those who wish to carry out the duplication process themselves. It is not much use if it wont playback on your clients machine!

DVD format download
Our 'free' downloadable guide covers the most frequently asked questions with regards to DVD formats. This document is in PDF format. To download click here >>

DVD Duplication
Digitex can handle the complete duplication service on your behalf (small or large runs) in a variety of formats - please call us for further details or email us with your project requirements.

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