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(+44) 1948 666871

Established 1997

Video Cameras

Our Sony and JVC cameras are very reliable systems, providing high quality broadcast images.

The standard definition recording formats we use range from DV, DV cam to Digi Beta.
We also have HDV, Pro HD and full HD camera equipment available.

All camera equipment is transportable to any UK or overseas destination.

PAL and NTSC filming works can be carried out with many of our camera systems being compatible for both formats.

Camera Support Equipment

As well as a range of traditional tripods for mounting cameras
we can also provide equipment such as:-

Camera Jib system
An overhead camera system that can be elevated from ground level to a height of approx 4.26m (14ft). It produces smooth tracking and panning shots that give any project a larger production feel.
Tracking dolly systems
This effectively puts the camera system on wheels and moves on a predetermined path that can be parallel, adjacent or towards subject.
Additional fitments allow very low level shots as required for our TV commercial shoots for shoes.
Glide cam system
This allows the camera to be held steadily whilst moving over varied terrain. Working similar to a steadycam system it uses a system of counterbalance weights to virtually eliminate any unnecessary movement of the camera and allows smooth filming movement on obstacles such as stairs or uneven ground conditions.
Other camera mounting systems
We can provide specialist mounts that can allow cameras to be securely fitted safety roll bars, windows, walls etc.

Aspect Ratios - for filming more details >>

Our audio capture systems include radio and boom microphones as well as camera mounted systems.

Specialised audio capture devices, such as underwater microphones can be provided upon request.

Larger public performances
For the larger public performances such as Concerts / Conferences, it is usually best to have a direct ‘clean’ sound feed. - Click here >>

Post Production

Our purpose built multi processor editing systems allow
‘real time’ multi-camera editing functions and full HD capacity.

Our systems use the award winning professional software from
Adobe that includes
Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects, Encore, Audition,Flash and Photoshop.
Other software programs such as Particle Illusion, Adorage and Morph are often used for additional post production stage to add subtle visual effects and transitions.   

Stills Cameras
We also have a range of high resolution stills cameras - more>>

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