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Established 1997
Formats (Filming)

There are various types of filming formats that we can provide and the cost can vary depending on the preferred formats.

These include:-

1) Digi Beta

2) HD

3) HDV (High Definition video)

4) Pro HD

5) DV Cam

6) DV

Format (final product)

DVD's - Very popular cost effective way for providing content to viewers for any type of subject, these can be supplied in PAL or NTSC.

Formats available – single or duel layer, DVD +, DVD -, Glass mastering DVD 5 and DVD 9 and also HD Blu Ray.

Web downloads - With 'massive' growth over the last couple of years, web video is now the leading multi platform video medium that provides instant viewing from almost anywhere in the world.

A very effective way of getting the message across to clients.
Long or short duration films can be provided for open access across the web for maximum publicity or if preferred can be viewed only by a selected specific audience via hidden links and password protected web pages on the internet and intranets.

Broadcast TV - Programs, adverts and features can be produced in a variety of tape formats for use in the UK or overseas markets.

Formats available - HD, Digi Beta, Beta SP, HDV, DV CAM, DV, VHS

Television adverts.

Television adverts for UK terrestrial and satellite television stations must be certified by the BACC. We can handle this whole process on your behalf.

Since 2001, the BACC only accept applications for approval in 16:9 (widescreen format).

Aspect ratios

Tee Two picture aspect ratios used in TV and video productions, these are:-

Standard (4:3)
Widescreen (16:9)

Since 2004, 98% of our projects have been produced in widescreen.
Widescreen is now the most widely used aspect ratio and gives up to a 25% larger picture than the original 4:3 version. Most TV channels now broadcast in widescreen.

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