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(+44) 1948 666871

Established 1997

Production (filming)
Production Stages:-

1) Pre-Production - more details>

2) Production - Current Page

3) Post Production - more details>

Our special camera support systems provide a high quality large production 'feel' - often at no additional cost. - more >>

Our crew can use a variety of equipment to capture the primary shots required. Often a secondary fixed 'lock off' camera can also provide 'cut aways' and alternative views of the subjects being filmed.

This is the actual filming phase - where we capture all the content required for the project.

Filming locations
These can be internal or external and can be purpose built or natural environments.

All scenes are captured in the most practical order which may often vary from the films final running order.

Sound is captured by any combination of our radio, boom or ambient microphone systems to ensure broadcast quality audio for your project.

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