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Established 1997

Conference / Seminars / Training Films
We provide very cost effective coverage solutions for small or large conferences, seminars and training sessions.

Many can be covered with multiple cameras, yet often only require one or two camera crew thus providing complete professional filming of the event but keeping costs and logistical planning at a suitable level.

Our cameras capture numerous angles of the event to ensure that the subject matter is presented in the best way.

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Larger crews can be supplied as required for the event, and for the more complex set ups, we can also provide additional filming equipment such as tracking dollies and overhead camera jibs if required.

Our experienced Professional crew ensure that all filming is carried out with respect to Health and Safety requirements of the venue and in accordance with the brief from the Client.
Presentation Content
Often presentations utilise powerpoint slides shows, photographs and video footage projected onto a screen. In the editing stage we overlay and blend them as full screen images at the relevant points in order to give the viewers an even clearer view of the content. The final film can be incorporate your business logo, contact details, website etc.

Final formats
DVD's - These can be fully branded and include multiple presentations with possible further chapters providing more details about your business and the services you can provide thus creating an excellent information and marketing tool in one medium.

Web video - Allows instant access for viewers worldwide OR if preferred just contained to a specific 'selected' audience via your intranet or via hidden password protected web links.
For more details on web video - Click here >>

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