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(+44) 1948 666871

Established 1997

'Live' Streaming Motorsport

'Live' streaming of events is now one of the fastest growing / most requested types of final media

We can supply cost effective 'Live' stream coverage to most of the main UK race circuits and provide coverage from a single race to a full days coverage of everything racing on track.
Single days or full weekends can be covered as well which gives your viewers unrestricted viewing of the events and it provides a very cost effective way of getting coverage to multiple mediums.
Costs can often be shared with other championships attending the event thus providing potential savings for all.

You get high qaulity multi camera coverage from a professional TV crew. The 'live' feed can be sent to multiple outputs simultaneously (i.e your website, twitter feed etc) and can it also have advertising and other pre recorded content played at agreed intervals on the live feed - A great way of generating revenue!.

Outputs can be viewed on compatible televisions, PCs, Macs, mobiles phones and tablets.

Quality of Picture is an important aspect and this can be combined with live on screen custom timing plus race commentary etc.

For more Details......
To discuss your forthcoming event(s) just get in touch either by email or phone and we will gladly look at availability and the best way of achieving the sort of coverage required for the potential budget you have. Please note - Our motorsport season gets very busy, therefore we need to plan quite a bit ahead for the relevant crews to be available so early notification of an event is highly recommended.
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